shayan boosted by Milan from 2350 to 3000 10/09/2017

Milan is the Great player who have a Great Skill

Abdul boosted by Artem from 2551 to 3000 10/09/2017

Artem is the pro and the best booster! highly recommended. trust me

Thank You roman, you are good no worries :D boosted by Roman from 3660 to 3835 09/09/2017

Thank you for the boost roman!! you are good!! i learn a lot of things!! please choose roman as your booster. he is kind and nice! very good storm spirit player too :D

Zac boosted by Arsenov from 4329 to 4429 08/09/2017

Danil is definitely a friendly and skillful booster! Just like the way he boosts and will definitely find him for boosting service again! :)

rami boosted by Arsenov from 4967 to 5100 08/09/2017

very quick and won all my games within a few hours