Reviews of Dota 2 MMR Boost

ThebiggestAdventure boosted by Arsenov from 5800 to 6000

we had so bad Luck and our Adventure went from 4day to 21 days...
but the Booster Fighted so hard he managed to carry me (support) from5.8k to 6k with chill and ezzz.

thank you i liked those 21hard days in Love your Bacon :)

Asher boosted by Milan from 1520 to 2300

Dude was amazing to work with. Went above and beyond to get everything sorted out

Laura boosted by Ramil from 3310 to 3500

very good!! thank you

Pasta Fine boosted by Arsenov from 4560 to 4700

Amazing as always.. Great booster.. Helping me learn so much!!

anon boosted by Denis from 2440 to 2900

thanks for your work denis. you did great