Bob boosted by Mikhail from 2600 to 2750 19/02/2018

Fantastic service provided, Mikhail did an excellent job and boosted my account swiftly and accurately. Would definitely recommend.

Aaron boosted by Alexander from 4174 to 5040 19/02/2018

Alexander best doto. booster spammer wont fail :D and friendly as well and he will update even the customer is offline

Marius boosted by Michael from 6400 to 6500 18/02/2018

A fast booster. Even more so because he isnt playing high mmr so much. Commended!

Alex boosted by Philipp from 2844 to 3000 18/02/2018

Friendly booster, whould recommend, super fast, great communicator :D
2844 to 3016

Edoardo boosted by Dima from 3288 to 4100 18/02/2018

Very Fast