Very helpful, nice, fast and a great booster. Would recommend %100!!

I just want to say, this was my first time ever using boosting services. At first, a booster took my order. He was good, but he was very slow and could make progress. I asked the support what I should do if my progress was slow. They removed the previous booster right away, and Misha picked up the order. Within literally the matter of few days, he was done. You learn from watching him play, so do buy the stream option. It is worth it. After he took my account, instead of the guarantee of 70% winrate. Misha only lost 2 games, and has a win streak of 27+ games in a row. Not a single loss. And of course, the page is full of rampage postings as well. I highly recommend Misha as your booster, you won't regret it.

Fast , reliable and excellent ! Thank you

Very fast and good

Great boost again by ramil - party this time. Completed the order very fast.