Alex boosted by Alexander from 5118 to 5280 30/06/2018

fast, effective, friendly!

Michella boosted by Stepan from 1856 to 4060 30/06/2018

Amazing booster, He is doing a Great job, makes he's way to do everything he can for you, kind person. I would for sure get him if i have to seek a booster, He works hard and always play's good.

eduardo boosted by Nikita from 4812 to 5000 30/06/2018

Very satisfied with result and games

Joshua boosted by Woon Ern from 2310 to 2450 30/06/2018

Woon Ern is one of the best mid laner i have ever seen! Also a very nice guy and gives you a lot of tips on the heroes picked and on the game

Carlos boosted by Platon from 2987 to 3150 29/06/2018

Really quick like really quick