Reviews of Dota 2 MMR Boost

President of the United Stations boosted by Mykola from 5520 to 5620

Great winrate, great plays, very fast completion order time, very effective

Travis boosted by Milan from 2120 to 2700

great dude, great skill.

Player Number 1 boosted by Mykola from 5420 to 5520

Very fast, very effective and a really nice person

stelios boosted by Rodion from 3630 to 3800

Good player and good manners

DevilGun boosted by Milan from 4020 to 5000

Milan did this order so fast. From 3k-5k in less than 10 days. We had to tread carefully. After he went into divine.. The rampages came pouring xD. Really amazing play! you learn a lot by watching.