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good 39 wins 3lost

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my god this guy is awesome....

the win rate is like 98% with 1 lost from all of the game...

he is efficient player too, know what he is doing...

recommended booster definitely, will ask for him again for my next order

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It's my first time buying dota 2 related things on a website like this so I was a bit worried. But the support answered any questions that I had and I decided to purchase a small boost. I did not have to disable my steam guard or remove my mobile authentication, which made me feel even more comfortable with sharing my account. Once I paid for my boost, I was given a twitch stream link and could see exactly what happens on my account, I got relaxed and simply enjoyed my booster's games.. I will definitely make a bigger order next time. Keep it up boys!
The booster is great, got very high individual skill. A little bit late , but overall is great !! he was very nice player

And for next time 1000000% i will choose u again dear Nikita

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took a bit longer than expected but result is here and booster is nice