Nicolas boosted by Dima from 2944 to 3100 31/01/2018

Really perfect! Fast, serious, very good player.
I recommend DIMA ++++

Veronica boosted by Ivan from 891 to 1500 31/01/2018

Ivan was super fast and has awesome plays. Thanks

Engen Fan! boosted by Engen from 2606 to 3500 31/01/2018

Very fast booster! Insanely fast! Very good watching the replays and the skill level! Great guy! Good communication! : ) Recommended!

anonymous boosted by Ramil from 2592 to 3200 31/01/2018


Bruno boosted by Mikhail from 3455 to 3700 30/01/2018

Mikhail came in as my previus booster took to long to complete my order. Ivan #096 (I think) took 4 days to get 175 mmr.

Anyways Mikhail came in and won the remainder +75 in perfect 3 games.