Eugene boosted by Mikhail from 4319 to 4700 31/07/2018

Not the fastest in boosting but he can play quite a few heroes and he is pretty good at it.

Manu boosted by Platon from 881 to 1500 31/07/2018

Very good player and so friendly guy. Fast and great work.

UMAIR boosted by Enkhjavkhlan from 2865 to 3000 30/07/2018

Enkhjavkhlan is amazing!! He was so nice for doing extra +100 MMR for a slight delay! Definitely choose him if you wanna boost he's super nice and keeps you updated on everything

VANJA boosted by Mikhail from 3168 to 3368 29/07/2018

nice and fast!

Luka boosted by Enkhjavkhlan from 2160 to 2600 29/07/2018

all went like he said,he informed me on every step he made