Loki boosted by Ramil from 2975 to 3200 27/04/2018

3rd time boosting.

Kevin boosted by Dan from 1288 to 1600 26/04/2018

Dan is a beast. He did a 12 win streak (100% wins) and played with only my fav hero (complex 3). He gave me advise while streaming the games. I will order him next time for sure! Thanks man.

Martin Alejandro boosted by Platon from 1074 to 1250 26/04/2018

Very friendly and awesome booster, thanks.

James boosted by Dan from 5104 to 5300 25/04/2018

Fast and Amazing booster! Thank you!

L boosted by Dmitry from 2845 to 4000 25/04/2018

BEST MORPHLING EVER! dont doubt this guy to boost for u :D