David boosted by Artem from 1757 to 3010 12/11/2017

I have been assigned to 5 different boosters because I had a hard time getting them to reach the goal mmr. Artem was my fifth and this guy finished it super fast. Artem is the best booster on this site. Thanks.

Eric boosted by Ramil from 2700 to 3500 11/11/2017


David boosted by Stepan from 3500 to 4100 11/11/2017

fast and effective, really dedicated booster

Christian boosted by Eduard from 4450 to 4750 10/11/2017

Eduard boosted me, pretty awesome dude. Just had little bit of badluck cuz of bad mates in SoloQ.

Still a really nice and fast job!

Daniel boosted by Stepan from 3051 to 4051 10/11/2017

great performance. Stepan is very professional and polite. Very good service