Reviews of CS GO Boost

Markus boosted by Kamil from Gold Nova III to Master Guardian I - 13/03/2020


Xannnnnn boosted by Mikołaj from Distinguished Master Guardian to Legendary Eagle - 28/02/2020

Very fast and friendly.

Zhaoming boosted by Kamil from Gold Nova II to Gold Nova Master - 28/02/2020

Amazing skilled booster

Esse boosted by Mikołaj from Master Guardian Elite to Distinguished Master Guardian - 26/02/2020

Extremely chill. A great booster, and someone I highly recommend.

glom boosted by Kamil from Gold Nova I to Gold Nova II - 26/02/2020

Very good guy! Really good at cs and completed my boost by completely smashing 3 games in a row with 16-2 scores. Also kept me updated throughout the process. Ordered boost on a smurf at first because i was a bit suspicious and everything went very well so will order on a main from this guy again. 10/10