Robin boosted by Aivaras from Master Guardian Elite to Legendary Eagle 16/03/2017

Im really satisfied, he was really friendly and did it very fast!

Anonymous boosted by William from Legendary Eagle Master to Supreme Master First Class 23/02/2017

Very friendly and got me supreme easily.

Michael Bunea boosted by William from Master Guardian Elite to Distinguished Master Guardian 16/02/2017

great service. Thank you

Haze123 boosted by from Master Guardian II to Legendary Eagle 03/02/2017

Took a while to get a booster but once I did the service was fast and secure. Booster was always messaging me with updates and was very helpful. 10/10 would recommend

ang bfw boosted by from Gold Nova III to Master Guardian I 23/01/2017

I purchased a gn3-mg1 boost, took a while to get a booster. once one was assigned, it went fast and smoothly :D