Reviews of Elo Placement Matches

Juan boosted by Aman for 10 matches Games - 11/04/2020

So fast and clean!

Ryan boosted by Kevin for 5 matches Games - 11/04/2020

Very effective and patient. Hard carried a not only me but other trashy players on our team to an impossible win

IKEA Boy boosted by Kevin for 9 matches Games - 08/04/2020

Kevin was an amazing booster. His skills are legendary!

Skatch boosted by Alvaro for 7 matches Games - 07/04/2020

Booster did really well consistently in each game; even carrying when I had completely given up hope on the game being recoverable due to inting teammates. Highly recommend this booster and genuinely enjoyed playing with them.

Tomas boosted by Rumi for 10 matches Games - 06/04/2020

Tyvm! Great player and very satisfied!