han boosted by Nathan for 10 Games 14/04/2018

nice guy, always good attitude XD

Vince boosted by Detrez for 10 Games 22/03/2018

Detrez did a great job fulfilling my order. He was always friendly and willing to answer my questions, while I was nervous at times spectating, this man delivers! Recommended!

Unkwnown boosted by Detrez for 4 Games 21/03/2018

Very good booster!

Sophie boosted by Melih for 3 Games 20/03/2018

Playing with him was super awesome and we won all games ♥ He is super friendly and amazing to play with ♥

Aljaž boosted by Eslam for 10 Games 20/03/2018

My experience with the booster was great, he did a great job, was very professional!