Reviews of Elo Placement Matches

Zain boosted by Ozkar for 7 matches Games - 26/04/2020

Really good booster. Very trustworthy. I would recommend because he listens and provides the best boost for league of legends

Romain boosted by Sacha for 8 matches Games - 26/04/2020

Very Nice ! Thank man

TRAVIS boosted by Gabriel for 10 matches Games - 25/04/2020

This dude Gabe is the shit. 10/10 would use again. Great coms, great game play!

Yeah boosted by Bente for 10 matches Games - 23/04/2020

Bente played great, really friendly too. Rate highly.

nanlin boosted by Josman for 10 matches Games - 23/04/2020

great work!!!