Kevin boosted by Gilberto for 10 Games 17/01/2018

10/10 for my placement matches! Will definitively come back to Gilberto again!

Kevin boosted by Yan for 10 Games 16/01/2018

Awsome Booster, we┬┤ve done 10 games in 4 1/2 hours. 9/1
10/10 would play again

Dominik boosted by Viktor for 10 Games 16/01/2018

Friendly & fast booster.
Thank you and good job dude.

olivier boosted by Albin for 10 Games 16/01/2018

9w 1 l thx guys in platinium

Kiriakos boosted by Frex for 10 Games 16/01/2018

I will like to thank Frex for the placement matches with the result of 9 wins 1 defeat , glad i was with him we made a great duo .
I will recomment with close eyes all the players to choose Frex as the booster they will need.
Keep it up :)