Steve boosted by Evgen for 3 Games 17/01/2018

Quick and good at what he does, if i decide to get another boost hopefully he's the one doing it, even got autofilled support and still won.

an boosted by Eslam for 8 Games 17/01/2018

very fast thank you

Deoxin boosted by Thomas for 1 Games 17/01/2018

Well, it was an interesting game! I fed by ass off early (Was 0/5 at one point), but my booster was able to adapt to the game and snowball other lanes, so much so that they literally 4v5'd until 20 minutes! Outside of the game, Thomas was very easy to talk with and very forgiving for any mistakes made. 10/10!

Jesus boosted by Eslam for 10 Games 17/01/2018

He is a great player. He will tell you what to do and when to do it. If you can win a fight he will point it out. This is how the jungle is meant to be played. He uses his Champions kits to their fullest. Got first blood almost all the time. Almost all his ganks guarantee a kill. Great player. Will use him again in the future.

Steven boosted by Gilberto for 10 Games 17/01/2018

Great guy! Clean Victories!