john boosted by Joseph for 10 Games at Gold 5 26/11/2017

Very good service and a calm player during duo queue session

harrry boosted by Reda for 2 Games at Gold 4 20/11/2017

the best

john boosted by Ken for 10 Games at Gold 5 17/11/2017

Top-notch service w/ duo-queue in-game tips and feedback after games. Really helps as I climb, not even in it for the boost. Thanks, Ken :)

skay boosted by Joseph for 7 Games at Silver 1 06/11/2017

absolutely amazing jungler and adc. also very nice and fun to play with. setting up times to play was a breeze as well. 5/5 would choose again. :P

M L boosted by Reda for 4 Games at Gold 1 05/11/2017

Really skillful and funny booster =)