Tobias boosted by Gonzalo for 7 Games at Gold 4 02/07/2018

Always gave 100% Top Service

Jonatan boosted by Melih for 1 Games at Gold 1 24/06/2018

This guy got more kills than our team combined... Nexus kill before the 20 min mark! Would definitely recommend this guy for anyone looking for a quick boost!

Sean boosted by Levi for 6 Games at Platinum 3 24/06/2018

Great boost!

A Zombie That Never Sleeps O.o! boosted by Stephen for 1 Games at Silver 1 22/06/2018

By far this Booster deserves his title He managed to Win at a constant rate even if i had a really bad game with negative kda his in game knowledge is far superior than many people and manged to make come backs that seem almost impossible Learned a lot due to the fact that he is good at communicating his service was fast & accurate and he even deprived himself of sleep in order to complete the order if you manage to have him help you out its a privilege once again thank you and Hope you do choose him and i can see why he would work for such a company good boosters require a good website 100% Trust worthy

From a "Prieten" boosted by Stefan for 1 Games at Bronze 5 17/06/2018

Thank you for the help :) u was great! too bad u had to leave >.<! Imi pare rau"