Reviews of Elo Duoqueue Games

Joshua boosted by Daniel for 3 Games at Diamond 3 - 13/04/2020

played xin like a beast gg

dilys boosted by Martin for 3 Games at Platinum 4 - 13/04/2020

Good player, friendly

S boosted by Ozkar for 15 Games at Gold 4 - 13/04/2020

Very friendly, and nice, one of the nicest boosters around!
Carried me in all of games, and helped me reach the rank I wanted with 15 games! Will be asking for him, the next time I want a boost.

Thank You!

David boosted by Ozkar for 8 Games at Silver 4 - 12/04/2020

Very friendly, good and pleasant booster!
First choice!

Marco boosted by Samer for 10 Games at Platinum 4 - 12/04/2020

Get the man Darius and sit back :)