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Very nice and friendly Booster :). 95% Winrate in Diamond 1

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did his best

Ryan boosted by Humzh for 6 Games at Platinum 3 09/08/2017

This is my second time working with him and it was awesome. Easy to talk to and flexible. He is an insanely good player and is the only person i will use on this site. He is a great coach and will teach you everything about the game and how to improve. He is more than just a casual booster but a coach that wants to improve you a player. He will help every aspect of your game and you will have fun doing it. I had fun talking to him and asking questions and getting information i needed. He is undoubtedly the best booster on this site. Anyone looking to use him can ask me if they are unsure if he is the right fit. I guarantee he is. Trust me and trust him more importantly and you will see the greatness he can bring. Awesome booster and im so glad to have gotten him. I could not be happier!

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Nice Guy! Gives Tips and was nice to play with him