Kevin boosted by Reda for 8 Games at Gold 4 28/01/2018

This is actually the best booster I had so far and he is also the most friendly booster I played with as well would defo go for him next time when I need a boost

Kevin boosted by Attila Roland for 6 Games at Gold 4 26/01/2018

friendly guy and skilled player :D

Kevin boosted by godplayingadc for 6 Games at Gold 5 25/01/2018

Really good player and very friendly as well :D

Raffaelo boosted by Rafa for 3 Games at Gold 5 29/12/2017

Perfecto, he is focused on the game and gives advises to the team he tries his best for the win, and being nice.

DMach boosted by Melih for 10 Games at Silver 1 28/12/2017

Very good player 10 games 10 wins