Sophie boosted by Evgen for 4 Games at Silver 3 06/04/2018

very fast & awesome games, won all 4 and was super nice :) thank you so much for playing! ♥

Clarel boosted by Simon for 10 Games at Silver 2 02/04/2018

He was really friendly and a cool guy. :) it was fun playing with him.

<3 boosted by Stefan for 3 Games at Silver 5 30/03/2018

He's a fun guy and helped me out with no problems. :)

Julian boosted by Evgen for 4 Games at Gold 2 22/03/2018

good player

CrushMeDaddy boosted by Leonardo for 1 Games at Silver 1 11/03/2018

Fun game! Leo knows how to chill and have a good time while still playing to a very high standard!