CrushMeDaddy boosted by Melih for 2 Games at Silver 4 18/02/2018

Had so much fun I insta-purchased 3 more games :D

Joe boosted by Eslam for 2 Games at Diamond 4 17/02/2018

Eslam carried the games in Diamond4 elo. Can only recommend him plus he is very friendly! Give him a try

sabeltann tigeren er mitt yrke og mitt navn boosted by Melih for 2 Games at Gold 5 15/02/2018

Fast wins, dont really need to do alot :P good player friendly, love him :)

David boosted by Srđan for 1 Games at Silver 5 15/02/2018

what can i say i may have only played one game but srdan is amazing

Jake boosted by Eslam for 1 Games at Platinum 3 15/02/2018

Only played one game, but would definitely recommend. Seems well versed in mechanics and game knowledge.