Felix boosted by Exile for 3 Games at Platinum 3 23/10/2017

Had a Great Time playing with him. He Is very smart ingame, helpful and Patient!


harrry boosted by Reda for 2 Games at Gold 5 22/10/2017

thank you

john boosted by Ken for 10 Games at Silver 2 22/10/2017

No losses, 10 wins duo queue. Picked up a lot of lessons learned during the games. Thanks, Ken!

Ryan boosted by Mano for 7 Games at Silver 1 17/10/2017

good player friendly guy ihighly recomend em :3 ( he never give up )

M.L. boosted by Yan for 10 Games at Gold 4 17/10/2017

Best Boster i ever had, unbelievable skill and very friendly.
Super Fast and very flexible!!!! Everytime again!