Reviews of Elo Duoqueue Games

Tommy boosted by Melih for 2 Games at Platinum 5 - 19/04/2018

Good as ADC with ezreal !

peter boosted by Gilberto for 10 Games at Silver 3 - 15/04/2018

Really great booster, enjoying playing with him

Erik boosted by Evgen for 5 Games at Silver 2 - 14/04/2018

good player, but got his friend to play and that didnt work out so well, but good guy

Tragic boosted by Yan for 10 Games at Silver 1 - 09/04/2018

This guy is awesome. also give you alot of tips and does the job very fast. impressing!

Erik boosted by Rafa for 3 Games at Silver 3 - 06/04/2018

Great guy, good player and very polite. Would recommend to anyone