Le boost ├ętait super merci pour tout

fast and good booster and really trust worthy

Great booster!! Quick and easy 100% win rate. Silver 1 to G5 in 7 games. Highly recommend!

Damn, was really fast and didn't lose a single game LOL good job o.o

First of all what you need to know is that he is an expert at the game and he will get you to whatever rank you want to reach. Period.

Excellent attitude throughout all the process, didn't ever feel like he was my booster, it felt like I was playing with a good friend.

If you are on the fence on choosing someone to help you out, I highly recommend him. He will do an amazing job, no matter how bad your games may be. And believe me we had some terrible luck on the way up.

I enjoyed the duos we did, I can feel my game sense got a lot better and I'm a better player as a result. I am now an Alpha Male Jax main.

Thank you for all your patience and hard work my friend.

Wish you all the best.