Christian boosted by Viktor from Bronze 1 to Silver 4 03/01/2018

I was a bit sketched out about the security of this website and everything turned out so well. Viktor did an awesome job, many wings, positive KD, and dedicated a good amount of hours on my acc. This guy is very professional :) 10/10

Ayden boosted by Ronald from Gold 4 to Platinum 5 30/12/2017

Great booster! He increased my win ate by a lot and k/d/a. I recommend Ronald if you want a quick and good boost.

William boosted by Ken from Bronze 4 to Bronze 1 30/12/2017

Did not lose a single game. He did however duo with the same guy for all of my games. (B3 - S5) Would definitely do again if needed.

Z boosted by Ken from Platinum 5 to Platinum 4 28/12/2017

As usual fast and clean, best booster on this site, thanks ken

Ayden boosted by Joseph from Silver 3 to Gold 4 28/12/2017

Did an amzing job getting high KDA in the games he played winning or losing. He also increased my win rate very fast by winning most of his games and barely losing! If you would like a excellent booster pick Joseph. I will go to him the next time I make an order.