J boosted by Eslam from Gold 3 to Gold 2 29/10/2017

Really good booster! Carried all his games and finished quickly. I highly recommend Eslam. :)

Anon boosted by Gonzalo from Silver 2 to Gold 5 28/10/2017

Good person with great mechanics, does the job quick

Mia boosted by Nam from Silver 2 to Gold 5 27/10/2017

Did an amazing job and got the job done, friendly to talk with and would recommend having Nam as your booster. :D

Michael Grell boosted by Gonzalo from Gold 1 to Platinum 5 26/10/2017

Quality player, did it fast and easy. Also and really nice guy to chat with

Johnny boosted by Adam from Silver 2 to Gold 5 26/10/2017

Very friendly, willing to play any champion. Great service and was very fast!