Pie boosted by Miguel from Silver 3 to Silver 2 22/04/2017

Great and friendly booster. Recommend this guy

mario boosted by from Silver 3 to Gold 5 21/04/2017

he was really good at the game. easy to talk to, and he will work with your schedule. it would be fast boosting man great job :D

Raffaele boosted by Angelo from Bronze 2 to Silver 4 20/04/2017

Perfect, perfect perfect. This booster is very professional and fast! Thanks Angelo :)

nicholas boosted by from Bronze 5 to Silver 5 16/04/2017

Koichi Endo Was very good player, though he had a busy school schedule he was able to boost to silver fairly quick.Very professional.

NQA boosted by Rafa from Bronze 1 to Silver 5 15/04/2017

Fantastic Fast Service and 100% Win Rate, meaning you get your rank even faster.