this guy is pure amazing. Best booster I have seen ever. Such high level skill and very cool guy. Went top lane and destroyed everything. 14 games 13 wins 1 loss and that 1 loss was me not knowing irel had remake and did absolute shit in lane phase. We would have went 14-0 without me being bad. If I buy boost again, I will make sure I do with him. He is so amazing. Very highly recommended.

Teddy is a rly nice booster. He’s doing a great job and works rly fast. I recommend him to everybody from you who wants a fast and reliable booster.

The best booster that you can get!! Good person, you can learn a lot watching him. Amazing streak of 15 victorys. Really thank you. Sure i'll contact him again if i need someone.

I must say my booster was really nice friendly and fast thx so much b2tos4

Some booster can't even perform really well in high Elo rank but this booster.He did phenomenal job in high elo rank.
Highly recommend this booster