Tony boosted by Joseph from Silver 2 to Gold 5 01/11/2017


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Really Good and fast Booster ! Would like to get boostet by him again

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estoy muy contento con Alexander, es muy bueno y he aprendido viendo sus partidas, 5 estrellas para este genio <3<3

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Extremely skilled, despite some lag issues. vs platinum level elo, we duo'd (I was silver 1) to gold 5. We went 6-1. Even the one game where he fell behind early due to lag, he managed to still pull through. He calls shots for the team, and leads by example, no one argues because they can feel that he is carrying. As ADC he'd often get first blood and come out on top even 2v3, 2v4, situations. As jungle, he'd gank as early as level 2, getting all lanes ahead.

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Very nice and fast boost