Reviews of Elo Division Boost

Pum Sang boosted by Guillermo from Bronze 4 to Silver 3 - 23/03/2020

Professional, efficient, good.
100/100 would use again

J boosted by Daniil from Platinum 1 to Diamond 4 - 23/03/2020

Very friendly and great booster! Played very well.

Nick boosted by Gabriel from Gold 4 to Gold 3 - 22/03/2020

This guy is the real deal with the skills to prove it. 10/10

Friendly boosted monkey boosted by Ben-hur from Silver 2 to Gold 3 - 22/03/2020

Ben-hur was great. He did an amazon job boosting my account. It wasn't the fastest process in the world but he was really dedicated to getting it completed spending may hours a day and I am grateful. I would recommend Ben to others. PS i'm glad he didn't just spam one champ either :)

Tom boosted by Mason from Platinum 3 to Platinum 1 - 22/03/2020

Fast boost!