Kevin boosted by Erimia from Platinum 3 to Diamond 5 26/04/2018

A really friendly and fast booster recommended :D

Dave boosted by Omar from Gold 4 to Gold 3 24/04/2018

Omar was very professional and did the boost crazy fast! If you guys are looking for a fast boost and good play then pick Omar! Thanks again man!

Maik boosted by Kuba from Diamond 5 to Diamond 4 24/04/2018

He did very good and fast!!!

Gustav boosted by Evgen from Silver 2 to Gold 5 23/04/2018

Felt stuck in silver 1/2 and he boosted me to gold 5. And thanks to that ive been able to climb by myself all the way up to gold 2! Thanks alot

Paul boosted by Srđan from Gold 3 to Gold 2 23/04/2018

no words for this homie