Reviews of Elo Division Boost

Ninja boosted by Srđan from Gold 4 to Gold 3 - 15/06/2019

Just straight carried, watching vods showed many games I would've thought of as unwinnable but this beast just powers through. Fantastic booster, would recommend.

Y boosted by Guillermo from Bronze 1 to Gold 1 - 15/06/2019

1v9 every game trusted booster.

Roberto boosted by Nebojsa from Platinum 1 to Diamond 4 - 15/06/2019

Really good player and better guy, was a pleasure to duoQ with him. 100% recomendable, i will get it again 100%

Person boosted by Edwin from Silver 2 to Gold 4 - 15/06/2019

Very quick service, strongly recommend.

nanek boosted by Martin from Platinum 1 to Diamond 4 - 14/06/2019

This guy is just insane. He did the boost rly clean and very fast. From Platinum 1 to Diamond 4 in 10 hours and per win he just get 16 LP. Im speachless.