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he is a really player. you would have a lot of fun playing with him and h is easy to talk to. i would ask for him 10/10 guys .

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nikokolaus boosted by Gilberto from Silver 4 to Gold 5 25/07/2017

Gilberto was amazing! It was well worth the extra money to have him play certain champs. I learned a lot from the builds and runes/masteries he made. He completed my boost in fast time and was very flexible on when he played. I would highly recommend him. I will be using him again for sure if I need another boost.

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this guy is awesome!! honestly the most friendly and best player i have met. I have never had more fun in games than with him. He will solo carry a game and its amazing to watch. I will only be using him in the future. Great player and the best booster on the sight. If anyone sees this promote the hell out of him or anything. He deserves the best. I would buy him again 10/10 just to play with him. Hes a good player and very nice guy. Anyone would love to have him on their team or to play with. <3

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Gilberto did an amazing job getting me from Bronze 3 to Gold 1! :)