Reviews of Elo Division Boost

Dante Groover boosted by from Diamond 5 to Diamond 4

The five star rating is for the booster because he actually manage to get me to diamond 4 like he promised

Dave boosted by from Silver 4 to Silver 1

really fun and understanding. worked around my horrid schedule fantastic. 10/10 would get again.

Andy boosted by from Diamond 5 to Diamond 3

Super fast and nice !!

Dante boosted by from Platinum 3 to Diamond 5

So my booster actually got it done pretty quickly I'm really happy now I can finally get back to my elo thank you very much sean

Bob boosted by from Bronze 3 to Bronze 2

Amazing experience with the booster Florin R. !! I can only highly recommend him (Duo boosting).
He was really flexible in terms of schedule and didn't mind that I sometimes had to cancel or wasn't available to play. He also managed to give me some much needed tips in between our games to improve