Heffe boosted by Thomas from Bronze 2 to Silver 5 19/02/2018

Very friendly, always in chat for question. Took 2 days. If you get Thomas, you will get what you paid for!

Daniel boosted by godplayingadc from Silver 3 to Silver 2 18/02/2018

good player

kimo boosted by Yan from Bronze 5 to Silver 1 17/02/2018

probably the best out there

joakim boosted by Reda from Silver 4 to Gold 5 17/02/2018

the best booster i have had and i loved every secound of it. when ever i asked him a question he answered and just an all in all great guy. i would give him a 10 if i could and i just love u dude :3

Gianni boosted by Edi from Platinum 3 to Diamond 5 17/02/2018

wow this guy is awesome! fast and friendly!