Reviews of Elo Division Boost

Matthias boosted by Viktor from Silver 3 to Gold 4 - 06/08/2019

Excellent booster and Vijtor is so nice <3 Thanks to you for this fast boost ;)

Maxie boosted by Guillermo from Platinum 3 to Diamond 2 - 06/08/2019

Seriously amazing! Was very friendly with me and with people in game (got a ton of honors) and was very willing to work around my schedule. I think he did an excellent job getting me to where I was wanting to go. This has definitely been a wonderful experience and I would certainly recommend him to anyone. :)

J boosted by Kacper from Gold 2 to Gold 1 - 06/08/2019

Fast and good

Ruskied boosted by Guillermo from Silver 1 to Gold 4 - 06/08/2019

Efficient and kind, he did a terrific job and was flexible to my small requests, would definitely recommend

Fou boosted by Nikola from Silver 1 to Gold 3 - 05/08/2019

Good player, good jungler !