David boosted by Bilal from Silver 1 to Gold 5 04/03/2018

Great boost will order from him again

niklas boosted by Melih from Silver 3 to Gold 5 04/03/2018

the friendliest guy if ever had on this page, rly

love this dude so much <3

insane player he is too

Deoxin/CrushMeDaddy boosted by Melih from Silver 2 to Silver 1 04/03/2018

this guy is the best booster around! Super chilled, super friendly. Can meme with you in a duolane or hard-carry in the Jungle. Very knowledgeable too!

Wilmer boosted by Frex from Silver 2 to Gold 5 04/03/2018

Very great and friendly guy! Well played m8! much love!

Robert boosted by Eslam from Gold 3 to Gold 2 03/03/2018

Awesome booster. Got everything done within a day! Thanks a lot :) 10/10