Jordan boosted by Ken from Silver 5 to Silver 4 22/09/2017

Kennedy the Akali Main has done it again :), He is kind and a really quick booster. Omg you are awesome. Proves why he is such a good booster, he has a professional skill set and that has been proven in every game he is in.

Puma boosted by Ken from Silver 3 to Gold 5 21/09/2017

Ken is a freaking monster. Took me from Silver III to Gold V in less than 24 hours. Would highly recommend.

sam boosted by Gonzalo from Platinum 1 to Diamond 5 20/09/2017

Good guy; kept his words that he will be done in 1-2 days period

Angelo boosted by Ken from Gold 2 to Gold 1 20/09/2017

Good and fast !;) Super Friendly!

Danielo boosted by Detrez from Silver 1 to Gold 5 19/09/2017