Reviews of Elo Division Boost

Augment boosted by Adrian Angel Aaron from Silver 2 to Silver 1 - 18/05/2020

was amazing and made my match history look reasonable and not obv boosted

Luke boosted by Phan from Silver 1 to Gold 3 - 18/05/2020

Great and fast, no problems

Etienne boosted by Hugo from Silver 4 to Gold 4 - 17/05/2020

Très bien, très rapide Hugo Carry toute les games

Sany boosted by Glenn from Silver 2 to Silver 1 - 17/05/2020

He tried his best, were funny games, very kindly and never flame, making some calls to force the win. Nice guy.

GL boosted by José from Silver 1 to Gold 4 - 17/05/2020

Very fast booster and didn't lose one game, said time to complete 18 hours but was done in a fraction of that time.