Sean boosted by Evgen from Bronze 2 to Silver 4 29/04/2018

I must say my booster was really nice friendly and fast thx so much b2tos4

Danny boosted by Pierre from Diamond 2 to Master 28/04/2018

Some booster can't even perform really well in high Elo rank but this booster.He did phenomenal job in high elo rank.
Highly recommend this booster

Daniel boosted by Pierre from Platinum 4 to Diamond 5 27/04/2018

Amazing booster! Even when behind in a game he pulls his team back up and starts winning again.

Roy boosted by Evgen from Silver 1 to Gold 5 27/04/2018

Great Player,
the perfect example how nice a league player can be

Willlll boosted by Stefan from Silver 3 to Gold 5 27/04/2018

Amazing job and very fast!! Definitely recommended!!