herve boosted by Serban from Gold 2 to Gold 1 14/03/2018

merci très gentille et rapide bravo je recommande fortement

logan boosted by Benjamin from Platinum 4 to Diamond 5 14/03/2018

best guy I could ask for was super good and super nice became almost like a good friend to me 10/10 :)

James boosted by Mervyn from Diamond 5 to Diamond 3 14/03/2018

Super fast, played really well in dia5-dia3 even though my mmr was really bad he still climbed it. Really good and recommend! Also he’s a friendly guy :)

Jonatan boosted by Melih from Gold 3 to Gold 2 14/03/2018

This guy just keeps delivering, a couple of unfortunate games in the middle. Crazy carry in every single game!

Zach boosted by Evgen from Silver 5 to Silver 1 13/03/2018

Very nice, very high winrate!! would choose this booster every time.