Anonymous boosted by Gonzalo from Silver 3 to Gold 4 29/05/2018

Really friendly

Marcel boosted by Gilberto from Gold 5 to Gold 4 29/05/2018

This was absolutly the best booster I have ever meet first he is very kind second he is very nice and likely. At least he did a awesome job :D

The Boost Master boosted by Mark from Silver 2 to Gold 5 29/05/2018

This man is a party animal and loves to get those ranks done for you as fast as possible. Insane to the membrane!

Christian Jerichau boosted by Filip from Silver 2 to Gold 5 29/05/2018

Filip did an amazing job boosting me.
Had fun while playing.

Brendan boosted by Richard from Silver 4 to Gold 5 29/05/2018

Very fast and accurate. Done by a very nice booster.(: Ty again.