Reviews of OW Duoqueue Games

OW boosted by Christopher for 10 Games at 3649 - 21/09/2017

Whatever this site is paying Christopher, please double it; and then double it again. If you use XB1, give this kid a shot. He is truly unreal! I had a great experience playing games with him! Thanks buddy!

M.L. boosted by Sebastian for 5 Games at 2408 - 07/07/2017

nice as always :)

Mr L. boosted by Sebastian for 6 Games at 2552 - 11/05/2017

Best Service ever. The Booster was unbelievable good.

louis boosted by Mike for 7 Games at 1499 - 28/04/2017

Good booster but choose a better account next time ;)

Pete boosted by for 5 Games at 3394 - 07/03/2017

Jayden is a skilled player with great personality. Recommend!