Reviews of OW Duoqueue Games

Mahesh boosted by Erik for 3 Games at 3748 - 04/01/2019

Very friendly and an insanely good Winston :)

Jun boosted by Christopher for 10 Games at 1656 - 22/12/2018

i began with a duo, but after some time i asked if he wanted to solo q. either way he got the job done. he was great and very effective! im using christopher every time

Austin boosted by Sean for 10 Games at 1745 - 04/11/2018

Fast response and a great player, went 9/10 on a in duo que. Well worth it!

Daniel boosted by Adrian for 15 Games at 2982 - 03/10/2018

Fast & Friendly, won 11/15 games :)

FunTimes! boosted by Kardon for 6 Games at 2900 - 03/10/2018

Kardon was awesome, quick to process order and fun to play with. Recommend!