Kai boosted by Denise from 3648 to 3697 21/05/2017

Very quick job and very good win rate :)

Ty Shaw boosted by Denise from 2480 to 3000 20/05/2017

Boost was pretty quick and painless. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a boost.

Frederic boosted by Mike from 3331 to 3500 19/05/2017

Nice booster, very fast.

From 3300 to master in almost 3 hours.

KLEIN boosted by Adrian from 2950 to 3000 19/05/2017

Nice booster, very quick

Nimsgern boosted by Eldin from 2866 to 3250 19/05/2017

Great Boosting.
A little bit long due to the new ranking system, but results are here