mikael boosted by Mike from 3061 to 3189 09/08/2017

cant ask more. mike has allways been awesome and able to carry games and never loses nerves and stays cool.
Thanks mike

MarL boosted by Mike from 2542 to 2900 07/08/2017

Unbelievable good performance!!
Just Perfect

Zapa boosted by Sebastian from 2675 to 2920 03/08/2017

Friendly and effective. Gets the job done and does it perfectly, a real joy to watch him play.

His widow is so on point that he gets called a hacker pretty much every game, so be carefull if you cant stand grown men crying.

Recomended for duo or soloQ boosts!

Sebastian boosted by Pablo from 2220 to 2525 02/08/2017

Fast and good

Jason boosted by Sebastian from 3093 to 3200 01/08/2017

The Best Booster and If I come back definitely recommend him