Tim boosted by Patrick from 2061 to 2520 16/09/2017

very fast, and good service, the booster helped me a lot!, he was very friendly too!

Metab boosted by Kristian from 2598 to 2800 15/09/2017

as always he's the best , very kind and quick and a very nice person .
I will prefer him always and this is my second time

Metab boosted by Kristian from 2460 to 2591 15/09/2017

he is the best very kind person and I love him that's all, I will choose him every time

Shrey boosted by Aly from 2625 to 3000 14/09/2017

fast and friendly

Chris boosted by Igor from 2063 to 2500 07/09/2017

Successfully duo-queued boosted to 2519. Dude was nice, had a great time. :) Ty!