Stefan boosted by Miguel from 2720 to 3038 13/02/2018

Outstanding experience! Very professional player with great experience! 10/10

Christophe boosted by Ibrahim from 2768 to 3050 12/02/2018

Great guy learned alot just by watching him play, had alot of fun duo queuing

Laurent boosted by Ibrahim from 2901 to 3059 11/02/2018

I went to sleep for about 1 hour and woke up with my account ready with more than what I asked for. This guy is insane. 10/10

New customer boosted by Ehab from 3560 to 3609 08/02/2018

very good !

Horace boosted by Mike from 3047 to 3250 07/02/2018

Affable, and human enough to totally understand the bullshit that pisses me off. Also threw in tidbits of advice which were nice and all in all I really had fun. Like this guy