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Ehab was really fun to play with, I had a pretty large boost so we ended up playing together for almost 10 hours in total and I feel like I learned a lot about my playstyle and what I need to work on, as well as what I'm comfortable with doing in OW. He was patient and worked around my schedule. Overall the best first experience with this that I could have asked for I think.

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Miguel was amazing! He's super fast and very polite. I would definitely recommend him.

Guillaume boosted by Illy from 2539 to 2800 14/01/2018

Had a really good time, if only Overwatch was like this all the time ;)

New customer boosted by Thomas from 3261 to 3350 14/01/2018

Thomas is a top booster and his Dva was magic ^^

Hans Christer boosted by Ehab from 1853 to 2114 14/01/2018

Very good boost! Boost was fast and pure ownage! :)
Really recommended

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