Mattia boosted by Joeri from 3143 to 3200 19/05/2018

Really nice booster, he won without using dps, and I loved this. He clearly has a lot of experience. Reccomended! ps: Enjoyable person, you can speak with

AJ boosted by Mohamed from 1653 to 1990 19/05/2018

Very fast and reliable! Choose him for quick and good boosts!

Mattia boosted by Viktor from 3095 to 3144 16/05/2018

New booster in town, he is really funny and the boost was good :)

T boosted by Adrian from 2321 to 2601 14/05/2018

Thanks Adrian. Such a cool experience to play games on that level. Not a single loss

Peter boosted by Viktor from 3439 to 3500 11/05/2018

everything perfect