Ed boosted by from 2919 to 2980 17/08/2017

Best Booster Ever!
Ordered boost from 2919 to 2980.
He boosted to 3080 very quickly.
Very Nice and Skilled player as always
Definately recommend him.

Ed boosted by from 2677 to 2850 17/08/2017

Great Booster,
I got ordered 1670 to 1850 but he did some extra up to 1919!
Definately recommend

Chase boosted by from 3421 to 3650 17/08/2017

Very good and reliable boosting; got me to where I wanted to be fairly quickly, and would highly recommend!

mikael boosted by Mike from 3061 to 3189 09/08/2017

cant ask more. mike has allways been awesome and able to carry games and never loses nerves and stays cool.
Thanks mike

MarL boosted by Mike from 2542 to 2900 07/08/2017

Unbelievable good performance!!
Just Perfect