Hazem is very nice ! Very good Person. Thanks i comeback to you ^.^

He was good and fast

Fast and efficient!

Great service and timely delivery :D, thank you so much.

I put my order in at 4 am, had Nedas sign in before 5am and then woke up and I was diamond in Overwatch. I didn't even ask and he exclusively played only my own main hero, and he didn't lose any matches so he must have a very diverse hero pool or be confident with Moira, specifically. I don't have shitty tank players making it hard to win anymore, and haven't lost a game since the boost. I was also able to watch his replays and learn a couple tricks with Moira, mostly the viability of using fade to gap close and eliminating the enemy carry using the 100dps from right click + damage orb. Using that trick I have secured only wins. Thank you Nedas!