Reviews of Overwatch Coaching

Brennen coached by Illy for 2 hours - 28/09/2017

Explained a lot of things that I didn't even know good coaching skills 10/10 would recommend if you are having trouble with Some of the heroes

Eloïse coached by Sébastien for 1 hour - 02/09/2017

Great advices and tips !
I highly recommend Sébastien =)

william coached by Adrian for 1 hour - 06/05/2017

Great! it was just great! had alot of usefull information! i will most certainly get more when needed!
thanks adrian c

TheGS coached by Adrian for 1 hour - 12/03/2017

Adrian gave some really useful tips, ironing out some of little errors that i have with Ana. Definitely will line up a few more questions and book an hour again!!!

Adam coached by Adrian for 1 hour - 07/03/2017

nice guy! great teacher too! Now i understand how to deal enemies with genji